About Me

Tom Richardson

Hello. I'm Tom Richardson, I am married to an awesome woman named Jo, we became Christians in our fourties after I was having a nervous breakdown driving down the freeway and God super-naturally saved me! You can read my testimony by clicking here

We have a mixed family of 5 smart, beautifu, and in spite of our poor parenting grew up to be successful people. Between us we have 3 girls (now women) and two boys (now men) who have given us a total of 13 grandsons ages 1 to 21. Seriously not even one granddaughter!

My New Mission

Several years after being saved, I was praying to God to show me His purpose for the rest of my life.

When bam I actually heard God say in a booming voice "I will use you to build a huge platform to earn and raise money to help solve the water crisis in Africa in my lifetime." Whoa... are you kidding me? That sounds really hard and above my pay grade.

Just like with all the people God uses for His purposes He puts them through a time of preparation. Apparently I needed a ton of prepararion because it was about 10 years back when he showed me my purpose.

Fast forward to today I am here with the purpose God put on my heart, build a platform to help others who live with anxiety and worry.

I will be blogging about how thousands of people including myself have overcome their fears. My hope is that I can write content and provide resources that will help others live in Love, Joy and Peace in every area of life.

God has totally transformed our lives and set us free from the anxieties and worries that kept us in the debilitating bondage of fear. You can read my supernatural testimony here.

Moving Forward

Going forward I will be posting two new articles per week. If you are interested in reducing your own anxieties and fears download my free guide. The 3 Step Plan To Ditch Anxiety & Fear and Finally Live In Peace