Tom's Testimony... How I Met Jesus While Driving Down The Freeway

The Backstory

It was a typical day in the life of a middle aged nuerotic self loathing salesman. I was in my early fourties with three successful divorces behind me, three children that a rarely saw.

I am living with my new girlfriend Jo Ann who became wife number four (don't worry this one has a happy ending).

I had been drinking way to much to dull my senses because of all the pain that my 3 exes had caused me. Yeah, I was really pissed because obviously the crappy life I was living wasn't my fault.

You get the picture, my life was one never ending pitty party, without any of the fun you have at a party. The biggest problem was that I wasn't taking any responsibilty for the decisions I made that brought me here.

I avoided social situations because couldn't relate to people who appeared to have it all together.

Are you getting the picture of my pathetic life? I know... not a pretty picture.

A Life Changing Encounter Of A

Strange Kind

Let's get back to me driving down the freeway. I am ruminating on every mistake I ever made. I am shoulding all over myself. I should be doing this, that or the other thing. In my mind I actually felt like I was spinning out of control. I felt like my life was out of control and no way to straighten it out.

I was mentally freaking out, trembling. I felt like I was being strangled, there were knots in my stomach. I had never had thoughts of suicide before, but at this moment I felt like it would be a relief to drive off a cliff.

I knew I needed help fast because I was so panic stricken that I thought I could lose control of the car at any second.

So out of no where I pleaded out loud "God if you are real please give me peace right now".

All of a sudden the strangest sensation came over me. It was like a energy wave that slowly removed anxiety from my whole body.

The wave started at the top of my head and at a rate of approximately one inch per second peace came over my whole body. Being six feet talI, I would say the wave took about a minute to go from head to toe.

As the wave made its way through me the tension in my head face and neck disipated. Then my shoulders relaxed, the lump in my throat was gone. My breathing became normal. The knots in my stomach were untied.

The tension in my hips, legs, and feet went away. What happened was the most unexplainable experience I have ever had in my life. I had never this sense of peace in my life ever, never ever.

His Peace Transformed Me

I know, that I know, I had just experienced a supernatural encounter with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. How else could could anyone explain what happened to me?

Now I'll tell you the peace only lasted for 15 to 20 minutes, but it was long enough to start me on a journey to find out how to live in that peace for the rest of my life.

The next day I went and bought a King James Bible. I found it to be to hard for me to understand. So I bought the NIV Message Parallel Bible and started reading and studying it and watching sermons on T.V.

My life has been transformed for the better ever since.

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